The Internationwool Festival, 


Hello, Nikki here.

This is a really difficult letter to write, but I need to let you know that, sadly, Internationwool is going to have to be postponed until 2020.

Please believe me when I say that this is not through a lack of enthusiasm from the organisers, (far from it!) and the response to the show has been brilliant from both vendors and visitors.

Unfortunately, the two main organisers, myself and Ann have both had a series of personal, health and business issues over the last six months that have required our full attention. This has meant that even with the help of the other organisers, it has not been possible to put as much energy and time into the show as it required.

I feel I should give you a little more of an explanation. Due to a mixture of health problems and other events, Ann was sadly forced to close her shop, Promise Art and Crafts, and to take a break in the latter part of 2018. As I was subletting from Ann at the time, this caused a lot of disruption for both of us as we had to work out which way to go forward, or even if we could. I have long-term health problems as well which are affected very much by stress, and so the combination of all of this meant that although we tried our best, various things did not get done in the way we’d wanted them to. Among other things, our social media and advertising presence was non-existent, and we feel that this was just not fair on those who are putting their faith in us and would not be enough to ensure a successful show.

However, we don’t feel that having to postpone is necessarily a bad thing. Both Ann and I are now in a much better place business and health-wise and feel ready for the challenges ahead. We have a very clear vision for what we want to achieve with Internationwool, and having had this year to think about it and get it *mostly* there, we feel very enthusiastic about how to take it forward for 2020 and make it a huge success. Having this extra year will mean that all our plans and ideas have a much greater chance of coming to fruition in their entirety, allowing us to deliver the exciting and inclusive new show that we are so passionate about.

Any applications that have already been sent in will be honoured and you will be offered a stall for 2020 instead. For those who have applied for ‘new vendor’ stalls, you will still qualify as it is our fault that we are having to postpone, not yours.
Thank you everyone for all your support thus far, and we really hope that you will continue to do so as we look forward to 2020.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nikki, Ann and the team.


Internationwool (in-ter-nash-un-wool) – bringing together artisans and wool lovers from all over the world.

Why not come along and join us and experience our wonderfully woolly world?


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***We are really excited to announce that we have now officially launched***

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