Terms and conditions for Vendors at The Internationwool Festival, Anglesey 2019

These terms and conditions are specifically in regards to Vending at The Internationwool Festival, Anglesey 2019. Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions is deemed to occur upon the submission of your application form or your agreement to trade, demonstrate, perform, teach or provide any other service or activity at The Internationwool Festival, Anglesey 2019.

In these terms and conditions, The Organisers refers to Nikki Small, Ann-Marie Warren, Wendy Collins, Helen Faulkner and their team. The Vendor refers to anyone applying to or agreeing to trade, demonstrate, perform, teach or provide any other service or activity at The Internationwool Festival, Anglesey 2019, hereafter referred to as Internationwool.

  1. All stalls are vetted and carefully chosen by The Organisers, therefore stalls are non-transferrable, and all stalls must display the products described in their application. The organisers must be notified of any intended major changes of product lines at least 4 weeks prior to the show. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse applications for any reason. The Organisers will do their best to be fair in their decisions and to ensure a lively and effective mix of Vendors at the show.
  2. All application forms must be returned to and arrive with The Organisers before the 24th of December 2018. Any forms returned after this date may not be considered. All applications must be completed in full, including a detailed description of the Vendor’s products and including supporting photographs to aid The Organisers’ decision making.
  3. The Vendor must provide proof of valid public liability insurance covering the dates of Internationwool to a minimum level of £2,000,000. This to to be submitted to The Organisers a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the show. It is the responsibility of The Vendor to ensure that their policy is valid at the time of Internationwool.
  4. The Vendor indemnifies The Organisers, Internationwool and The Anglesey Showground against any claims and damages caused by them and are solely responsible for the safety of their stall and products.
  5. All Vendors will be notified of the success of their applications by The Organisers before the 1st of February 2019. The Vendor must pay all costs for their stall and any additional items booked  IN FULL before the 28th of February 2019. Failure to do so will result in The Organisers withdrawing their offer of a place at Internationwool from The Vendor.
  6. The Organisers reserve the right to remove their consent to trade from any Vendor at any time.
  7. Cancellation by The Organisers. If the event is cancelled by The Organisers any payments made will be refunded in full. The Organisers and Internationwool accept no liability for loss of earnings as a result of any
    circumstances, nor any other action by any third party beyond their control.
  8. Cancellation by The Vendor. In the event of a confirmed booking being cancelled, more than 3 calendar months before Internationwool, by The Vendor, and at the discretion of The Organisers, partial refunds will be available if required due to death, illness or injury; refunds will vary depending on circumstances and providing that The Organisers are able to find a suitable replacement Vendor. Cancellations due to change of heart will not be refunded. Cancellations for any reason by The Vendor within 3 calendar months of Internationwool, are not guaranteed any refund by The Organisers.
  9. Liability. The Organisers do not hold any liability for any Vendor or their products, as such each and every Vendor shall participate at Internationwool entirely at his or her own risk and shall absolve The Organisers and Internationwool from all responsibility for such risks, including but not limited to: loss or damage to property, cancellation of the event, personal injury, however this may be caused, theft, fire, weather conditions, power-loss, flood, defects of equipment and or building.
  10. Loss of Profit. The Organisers cannot be held responsible, and The Vendor shall absolve them from any responsibility for loss of profit, however caused, including but not limited to damage or theft of their stock, interruption of power or services, or failure of contracted advertising whether by press, audio or digital, or internet to appear or be heard, which may result in loss to The Vendor.
  11. The Organisers do not provide insurance cover for theft or damage to Vendor stock, we therefore
    recommend taking out sufficient insurance to cover all such risks.
  12. Trading Areas. The Vendor is expected to ensure that their trading area is clean and tidy at all times. No
    goods must encroach into the public walkways, onto or block another stall. All Vendors are responsible for clearing away their own litter at the end of each day’s trading. Failure to leave the area tidy may result in your not being welcome to exhibit with us again.
  13. Any stall selling food items must confirm with The Organisers in advance how they comply with all current UK
    food hygiene and retail legislation.
  14. Trading and Setup Time. The Vendor will be open and trading during the entire opening hours of Internationwool between 9:30am and 5pm on 24th and 25th of August, and 9:30am and 4pm on 26th August 2019. For Health and Safety reasons The Vendor’s stall(s) must be set up and ready 15 minutes before Internationwool opens to the public each day. No Vendor must pack up prior to close of trading without the specific prior consent of The Organisers. Failure to comply will jeopardise your chances of exhibiting with us again.
  15. Electricity. Access to electricity must be requested and paid for in advance and all electrical equipment must comply with current legislation and have a valid Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate. Please make sure that The Organisers have a copy of PAT certificates before the start of Internationwool or shown on the day, any and all electrical items brought to Internationwool without a PAT certificate will be removed and returned at the end of Internationwool. Please note: new items must still be PAT tested.
  16. Photographs and or Images. Unless we are expressly asked not to use your submitted photographs and or images in writing, at time of booking, you agree that we may use said photographs/images, for the sole purposes of advertising your presence at Internationwool, and or link to your website/Facebook page on our website. Images and photographs taken during Internationwool will remain the property of The Organisers and Internationwool, regardless of content or products or people featured.
  17. Vendors & Their Child and or Children. Children are very welcome at Internationwool. We must all be Stranger Danger Aware and to this end we ask that the following is observed. Stall-Holders must inform The Organisers in advance if their child or children will be in attendance at the stall. It is the Stall Holders responsibility to look after their child/children at all times and to make sure that they Do Not:-(a)Run around the Venue and impede other Vendors and or customers. (b)Use the toilets or other facilities unattended. (c)Get left unattended whilst you the Vendor takes a break. The Organisers can take no responsibility for the safety, well being or behaviour of Vendors’ children.