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Almost ready to launch!!

Nikki here!

Ann and I (and our lovely team) have been working really hard behind the scenes trying to ensure that everything is ready for the launch next week. That’s right – next week! One week today in fact! How crazy is that?! I feel slightly as though I am running out of time to get things absolutely spot-on.. the website being my main concern at the moment. A week is a very long time though, so I’m sure we will get everything ready to go.

I am so excited about the show already. We know that we have our lovely Flagship Group¬†who will be displaying at the festival, we also have a number of interested international artisans from various corners of the globe, and we already have at least one big name who will be making an appearance, so pre-launch we’re doing pretty well so far!

I can’t wait to see how the next year plays out and to be sat here, a year from now, posting saying ‘one week to go until we open our doors!!!’

Bring on the woolly wonderfulness!!

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