It’s great that you’re already thinking of visiting our show!

The Internationwool Festival, Anglesey 2019 is a brand new wool show opening in North Wales. Even though there is still a year to go until we first open our doors, we already have a lot planned for you!

Where will Internationwool be?

The three-day event will be taking place at The Anglesey Showground (The Venue) near Mona on the Isle of Anglesey here in beautiful North Wales. Anglesey and North Wales are absolutely beautiful places to visit, with a mixture of mountains and coasts that are unrivalled. We can’t think of a better location to hold The Internationwool Festival, so why not come and join us over the August bank holiday weekend, and stay in our camping or glamping villages from Friday until Monday and enjoy everything that this unique festival has to offer?

What is The Internationwool Festival?

Photo by Emma Corfield showing her All Wool that Ends Wool stall all set up.

Internationwool is a new and exciting wool event, showcasing artisans from across North Wales, the UK and around the world in a family friendly and fun celebration of all things woolly

With space in the pavilions for over 100 stalls, as well as marquees for new woolly businesses and local artisans, there will be plenty of exciting artists, makers and designers to visit. Along with sheep breed societies, talented guild members, and a whole host of workshops, talks and demonstrations.  We are hoping that you will be as overwhelmed by the wonderfully woolly world we bring together as we are!

Why have the festival?

The flag of planet Earth – designed by Oskar Pernefeldt

The idea behind The Internationwool Festival is to bring people together. There are so many talented felters, dyers, spinners, designers, knitters, crocheters, weavers, and other generally epic woolly people around the world. It seems amazing that in this day and age we don’t all get together and show each other what we can do. There are a lot of wool shows around, but none of them are actively encouraging a mix of local, national and international stalls to take part. We at Internationwool firmly believe that we can accomplish this, bringing together artists who have been working alongside each other for years, but thousands of miles apart. By visiting The Internationwool Festival, you will be supporting independent wool crafters from all over the world, and will get chance to see a mix of products and people that have never before been all in the same country, let alone in the same show.

Who should visit?

Everyone who likes wool, sheep or crafts should find something to excite them at The Internationwool Festival. Children and families will be well catered for, as will more experienced wool connoisseurs, with plenty of wool-themed activities taking place to keep children of all ages and abilities amused for the duration.

If you’re lucky enough to be staying with us on site, or at one of the many brilliant local establishments, then you will be delighted to know that we have a full program of evening events planned as well, including the highlight of the weekend – The Wool Ball – on the Saturday night with a dress code more knitted shawl than black tie!

When is it happening?

Internationwool is taking place from the 24th to the 26th of August 2019. This is only a year away, and more details will be added to the site frequently as the opening of the show approaches; including exactly which amazing talents you will be able to come and meet at the show, which bands will be playing at The Wool Ball, which workshops will be available, and much more.

Tickets for The Internationwool Festival, The Wool Ball, workshops and for camping and glamping will be available right here in the spring of 2019.


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